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With over ‘x’ amount of years of experience, we have helped clients big and small to claim government money through funding, reclaims, and relief.

Stamp Duty Land Tax Exemptions

The rules on SDLT are subject to annual reviews and have continued to change over the last few years.


If your company is investing in research and development, you could be eligible for claiming Research & Development.

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Regional Growth Fund Scheme

Companies that raise private sector investment to boost the local economy and create lasting employment opportunities can be eligible for up to £1 million in funding through the Regional Growth Fund (RGF) scheme.

Stamp Duty Land Tax

Learn more about SDLT refunds, relief and exemptions.

Plant and Machinery Capital Allowances

Capital Allowances enable businesses to claim back tax relief on certain company expenses. These can include items purchased for professional use by the business and are referred to as “plant and machinery”.

Stamp Duty Land Tax Refund

You may be entitled to a Stamp Duty Land Tax repayment if certain SDLT exemptions weren't applied during the buying process.

Government Grants for Small Businesses

There are numerous government business grants available to small businesses, startups and new ventures.

Property & Development Funding

You can unlock up to 65% Day 1 Land Value and 100% of the build costs over the course of the project up to a Gross Development Value of 70%.


The Research and Development Expenditure Credit scheme, also known as RDEC was first introduced in the UK in 2013, with the aim to encourage large companies to invest in R&D.

Stamp Duty Land Tax Relief

In its essence, tax relief is any program or incentive, which reduces the amount of tax payable by an individual or business entity.

Capital Allowances UK

Claim Capital Allowances easily on various expenditures including R&D

Tax services

Learn more about capital allowances and business grants.

Embedded Capital Allowances

Do you own a commercial property? You could be owed a tax refund.

Business Grants UK

There are several thousand different grant schemes available to small and startup businesses in the UK looking to get off the ground.

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“Fourth year of claiming and every year it gets 'more painless' and smooth with less disruption to the business.”


“Very simple, a no-nonsense process which resulted in a very welcome injection of cash!”


“Very happy with the service. It’s so important to have the heavy lifting done by Cap Ex Associates Tax Ltd so we could concentrate on running the business”


We document the latest updates on R&D, stamp duty land tax, embedded capital allowances and business grants.


Coronavirus: Grants and Financial Help for Small Businesses

27 February 2021

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has seen businesses experience unprecedented financial struggles as they try to balance new government legislation, changes ...


Claim tax allowances for working from home

28 February 2021

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, many UK employees are expected to work from home not just during the lockdown, but perhaps for the foreseeable fut ...


Stamp Duty Changes Explained

10 March 2021

In his recent House of Commons summer address, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that the Government was scrapping Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) on house purch ...

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With over 25 years of experience, we have helped clients big and small to claim government money through funding, reclaims, and relief.


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